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Received an DBO Order of Thermal Recycle Facility
Plantec Inc. received an order of DBO project of a thermal recycle facility from Nagayo-Togitsu Environmental Facility Public Association in Nagasaki prefecture through a comprehensive evaluation method and signed the contract.

Under public-build and private operation method (DBO), Plantec undertake construction of the thermal recycle facility, and a SPC named “Nagayo-Togitsu Kankyo Service” which was formed jointly with Nihon Kanzai Kankyo Service Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo pref. and represented by Kazunori Fujisawa, President and Representative Director) is responsible for operation and maintenance of the facility.

Vertical Combustor having capacity of 54 tons/day (27 tons/24 hours x 2 combustion streams), originally developed by Plantec was adopted as incinerators of the facility. The period of design and build of the facility is scheduled from May 2013 to March 2015, and the period of operation and maintenance is 20 years starting from April 2015.

Facility conceptional drawing

[Project Outline]
1. Project Name: DBO project of Nagayo-Togitsu Environmental Facility Public Association’s thermal recycle facility.
2. Project Method: DBO (Design, Build, Operate)
3. Orderer: Nagayo-Togitsu Environmental Facility Public Association
4. Facility Location: Nagayo-cho, Nishisonogi-gun, Nagasaki pref.
5. Business: Construction and O&M (20 years) of thermal recycle facility
6. Business term:
- Design and Build: May 2013-March 2015
- Operation and Maintenance: April 2015-March 2035
7. Contractor:
- Design and Build: Plantec Inc.
- Operation and Maintenance: Nagayo-Togitsu Kankyo Service (SPC)

[Facility Outline]
1. Combustion Method: Vertical Combustor
2. Capacity: 54 tons/day (27 tons/24 hours x 2 combustion streams)
3. Waste to be processed: Municipal solid waste, segregated combustible residue from Togitsu Clean Centre, and bulky waste
4. Service Commencement: From April 1, 2015
5. Thermal Recycle: Air conditioning and hot water supply inside the facility (thermal recycle rate is higher than 10%)