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Entered into the Joint Venture Agreement with a major boiler manufacturing company in India
To form a JV company to design and build waste incineration and Waste-to-Energy plant in India

Plantec ("PT") and G.B. Engineering Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (“GB”), a boiler manufacturing company (head office: Tiruchirapalli , Tamilnadu, India, represented by Balasubramanian Pattabhiraman, Managing Director) agreed to establishment of the joint venture, tentatively called Plantec GB Engineering Pvt. Ltd.(“PTGB”) in Chennai for designing, manufacturing, building, and maintenance of waste incineration and Waste-to-Energy plant, and entered into the JV Agreement.

In India with a population of 1.26 billion, living environment there has been seriously affected and damaged by open dumping of unsorted waste that has been long stacked up in disposal or landfill area without any treatment. Although metropolitan area like Delhi has started adopting waste incineration system, most of urban areas have faced difficulties of securing a site suitable for waste disposal or landfill, therefore, introduction of new technology for waste treatment like incineration is now considered a matter of great urgency.

GB was founded in 1980 in India and is specialized in manufacturing of boilers. It has many proven track records in the field of manufacturing and delivery of various types of boilers including circulation type fluidized bed boilers (CFB) for power generation plant, recovery boilers for paper mill, and waste heat recovery boilers for Waste-to-Energy plant and other related equipment such as deaerators. Especially, GB is well known for its recovery boilers holding a market share of more than 90% within India.

GB has its head office along with three manufacturing facilities in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Not only GB has developed its business within domestic area but it has also expanded export to US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Generally, waste generated in India has lower calorific value and less segregation, compared to waste in Japan, and it is said that these factors make it difficult to adopt incineration technology. However, since our waste incineration system including Vertical Combustor originally developed by the PT has excellent adaptabilities to waste in India,  GB to pursue further business expansion in the environment field matched the PT’s intent to provide more value-added services not just merely through waste treatment technologies but with Waste-to-Energy technologies, which led to the JV agreement concluded between two parties.

PT has focused on development of incineration technologies in the field of environmental plant engineering since its establishment in October, 1967. The Vertical Combustor requires no pre-treatment such as waste segregation and/or mixing due to high efficiency of the PT’s originally-developed SLA combustion method that has been proved to be best for combustion of wide range of waste types, from municipal and industrial waste to sludge. From this standpoint, we would be able to offer a performance advantage to waste incineration in India.

In addition, no supplementary fuel such as kerosene or heavy oil required during operation, which keeps its running cost low, and simple structure with less movable parts of the Vertical Combustor makes less mechanical drawbacks and number of operators can be reduced by the easy operation. These elements are considered to be our competitive advantages that will contribute to cost reduction in operation and maintenance in India as well.

By establishment and operation of the PTGB together with GB, PT will be able to provide optimal waste treatment systems as well as value-added products in India where high demand for incinerator is predicted. Hopefully, such contribution will be made to solution of Indian waste management issues and improvement of living environment in India. PTGB will also be a manufacturing and export base of incineration-plant related equipment to extend our business to South-Eastern Asian market.

Outline of Plantec GB Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
- Company name:
Plantec GB Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (Provisional)
- Business:
Design, manufacturing, building, and maintenance of waste incineration and Waste to Energy plant.
- Location: Chennai, Tamilu Nadu, INDIA
- Investment ratio: PT 50% : GB 50%

Outline of Plantec Inc.
- Company name: Plantec Inc.
- Location of Head Office: 1-6-17, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0003, Japan
- Foundation: October 4th, 1967
- Representative: Seizo Katsui, CEO
- Paid-up capital: JPY 100 million
- Business:
Waste-to-Energy with boiler /thermal recovery plant
Vertical Combustor
Plantec Pre-coat Turbo Chemical Baghouse Filter (Dry reaction)
High temperature flue gas treatment for incinerator
Designing, manufacturing, building, and maintenance of recycling equipment and environmentally-related plants.
- Number of Employees : 110 (As of December 2013)

Outline of G.B. Engineering Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
- Company name: G.B. Engineering Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
- Location of Head Office: D-99, DP Estates, Thuvakkudy, Tiruchirapalli –
620 015 Tamilnadu, India
- Foundation: 1980
- Managing Director: Balasubramanian Pattabhiraman
- Business: Manufacturing of Boilers (Circulation type fluidized bed boilers, soda recovery boilers, coal-fired boilers, Bagasse boilers, pulverized coal boilers, power-generation, waste heat recovery boilers for use in Waste-to-Energy plant. Manufacturing of other related equipment.
- Website: