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Received the “Japan Institute of Energy Academic Society Award (engineering department)”
Plantec Inc. received the “Academic Society Award (engineering department)” at the “Commendation of the Japan Institute of Energy 2016”.
At the commendation ceremony held in GakushiKaikan, Kanda on February 28th, other than Mr. Katsui, CEO of Plantec, there were attendees including Mr. Kageyama, the president of Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power as the prize winner and experts from industries. On behalf of prize winners, Mr. Katsui received an award plaque from Mr. Kenji Yamaji, Chairman of the conference.

This award was for “the energy recovery from medical waste” with our original waste incinerator “the Vertical Combustor” as the main equipment.
“The Vertical Combustor” was chosen as the incinerator dedicated to medical waste for “the Super Eco Plant”, which was selected in 2002 at the Super Eco Town Project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The operation of the Vertical Combustor of the Super Eco Plant started in April 2007. Since then, it has been highly evaluated for its steady operation record.

Medical waste was regarded to be difficult for combustion control because high calorific value plastics, hard-to-combust materials with high moisture content, and incombustibles were mixed with infectious substances and sharps , and these were combusted contained in a certain container.
Our “Vertical Combustor” enables stable combustion, steam recovery by its boiler, power generation and energy recovery by its steam turbine. Therefore this award was for both of Tokyo Waterfront Recycle Power, the company operating “the Super Eco Plant”, and Plantec.

Since we delivered the medical waste incineration plant for Kyoto University Hospital in 1993, we have been concentrating on the development and promotion of “the Vertical Combustor”, which has our original SLA (Super Low Air-ratio) combustion method, and the energy recovery technology which uses its combustion energy. We continue to develop the new technology with the further research of our current technology, and contribute to the development of a Sound Material-Cycle Society.

■Outline of “the Super Eco Plant” (Medical Waste Treatment Plant)
- Medical Waste Treatment Plant: Vertical Combustor 100 tons/day
  (50 tons/day x 2 lines)
- Gas Cooling Method: Boiler (power generation by thermal recycle)
- Power Generation Capacity: 23,000 kW *Generated together with
  the industrial waste treatment plant
  (the fluidized bed gasification and melting furnace)
- Completion: August, 2006